Philodendron Bipinnatifidum  (Finger plant)

The leaves of these beautiful green plants are heart shaped in outline with a lacy look to corrugate the deep veins in the leaf. The leaves are borne on stout stalks radiating from a central stem and unlike most of the other ( Philodendron species) these plants do not climb. They make dramatic feature plants for large room. Finger plant, is a handsome setting for a business, home or greenhouse. In a greenhouse the plant can be placed outside as decoration. Place back in the greenhouse at night through the winter spell.
They prefer warm, shady area.
These plants can reach a height of about 3-6 ft. If grown outside, cover this plant in the winter at night. Water well during cold weather to keep roots at 32 degrees during a freeze. The leaves will turn brown. Do not cut them off during winter. Wait till spring.
This Philodendron bleeds, yes I said bleeds! You cut the injured area off the plant. Spray the injured part with a tar spray. Tar spray is purchase at a feed store. It comes in spray paint looking can. This is not a difficult task.
If the Finger Plant is in a container, use liquid fertilizer every two weeks in spring and summer. Use plant food mixture outside once a month.
This plant requires half soil based potting mixture and half leaf mulch. You can blow your leaves on top of this plant in the winter also to protect it.
Destroy any scale insects you may find. You can do this by buying cedar shavings. Use as a top dressing. This plant is unique.