These plants have acutely pointed leaves which are freshly and attractively bronzed when they first appear, but become dark green, and green- white leathery with age. They can be trained up a support, such as a moss-covered pole, as well as being left to trail. They are ideal for warm rooms without much sun. They grow in greenhouse area. They will grow under florescent lighting, not to close. They grow outside in shade areas, during spring, summer, & fall. During winter water well where the plant roots, will live to grow another season. If planting in sand to stunt growth, to use as ornament, water occasionally to keep it alive. All other use’s water once a week, well. Use all purpose plant food during spring & summer. To keep them from getting brown spots, dust and use plant shine.
You can buy plant shine or take a tablespoon of milk to 1 cup of water. Then take a cotton cloth, dip in the solution and wipe the plants. This make’s beauty for your home or office.
Repot them in spring time.
Members of the Arum family, Philodendron’s are native to the West Indies and tropical America. Their distinctive foliage and tolerance of average conditions make them excellent and attractive plants.