Life is short, spending it being mad can weigh you down. So, be honest with those who disrespect you, dishonor you, use you, or just plain right out hurt you. Guide them in obedience if they blame you for their evil action’s. Find a solution to your differences quickly, even if they don’t. You find a way to repair the broken relationship. {My dog would bark outside if I wouldn’t go outside with him. During the day I didn’t mind it. But, at night-time people would gripe. So, I opened the door and told my dog directly. Stop that barking! I am not getting in trouble for you. Of course he was upset with me. But, he got over it. Now, I let him out by himself. He comes to the door and scratch’s it lightly. Good example of forgiveness. Cause he loves me unconditionally. He listens and obeys. Cause his mommy loves him. Just saying.} I thank God for the gift of forgiveness and I thank God for those with hard hearts. I can just walk on and keep living my life even if others have hang-ups and refuse to apologize and forgive. Settling my dispute. I sleep well at night knowing I am loved by the one who has forgiven this broke down body and makes me new everyday. Enjoy life! Have an awesome day. Thank you for your time.


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In Your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.
Ephesians 4:26