So then, welcome him in the Lord with great joy, and honor people like him, because he almost died for the work of Christ. He risked his life to make up for the help you yourselves could not give me.
Philippians 2:29-30

So had Paul sent Timothy to Philippi just as soon as knew what Nero or his subordinates were going to do to him when his trial would be, and the outcome of it. Sometimes it is well for us to call to mind the painful conditions under which many of Paul’s Epistles were written. That he himself would soon be able to pay a visit to the saints and overseers in Philippi. To send Epaphroditus back to his home in Philippi. Epaphroditus was a member of the Philippian church who had been sent by that church to bring money for Paul’s support, the fourth of such offerings. Epaphroditus became ill while in Rome. The news of his illness caused sorrow and anxiety among his friends at home. When he recovered, he desired to return to Philippi, and so Paul sent him back, carrying the present letter to the saints and overseers there.