Native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, these succulents are plants that grow until they flower, then they die if not taken care of properly. If taken care of to grow, they will grow to about nine feet tall. Just cut the drying one’s off from the bottom with hand saw.
Some are used to produce pulque and mescal popular Mexican drinks, and sisal hemp.
They are fine garden plants in low frost regions, but most are poor house plants because of their large size.
The best for house plants or best lighting in a lonely corner of business. Varieties of century plant, A. Americana cv. “Marginata’ and A. Victoriae-Reginae. Agaves prefer a sunny southern exposure and a well-drained cactus soil that should dry thoroughly between watering’s. Propagation is by suckers. Potted plants will probably never bloom. The baby agave grow from the roots. The baby’s will grow through plastic containers. Best for landscape to place in clay pots. Their beauty speak for them.
They look as if they a free to hug. But when you work with them, you will come to realize they scratch, cut, And you need heavy rubber gloves, would wish you had a armor working with the big agave.