I don’t like to sleep because of my dreams between good and evil. I have learned to sought them out though. I clear my mind and go back to sleep. When an evil dream occurs, I just get up and brush myself off, give it to God, lay down and clear my mind again. I have seen others not look at me in my dream and give me a gift of some sorts that either they are praying for me or it defines me towards that person. Meaning: I need to change me. God is always the center of my life when in difficulties or the good comes. I never could sleep real good knowing what was coming the next day. God knows our hearts like no other. So it is safe to say: He knows our minds also. So when we clear our lives of the clutter in our mind, this also teaches us to clear our hearts and forgive over and over again. But others who do not clear their minds of all unrighteousness towards others, keep hurting and causing difficulties are only hurting themselves. They are causing a future more full emptiness than the one they already have. It is sad, all they need to do is realize God will make away for them to walk right out of all that is holding them back from walking in kindness and compassion for the other person. Thing is: when you are sick and don’t want to be: you think of all ways to be well. Nothing works unless you take action and move forward with your chest high and a smile on your face for you. Feel Good about yourself. No one can do it for you. But you. “Problem is I wrote a long story, had to rewrite it over and over again till it sounded all most accurate. This isn’t perfect. Because I know me. But this is a message to you. All I can do is try my best. ” I hope this helps, encourages you to be the real you God meant you to be.” This is to encourage me like always! I hope it encourages someone else.

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