photo-artist-susan-ruth-robertson-090025006100-002-copyGiorgio Andy Robertson don’t bark! In fact! You can hardly hear him when he try’s to growl at the neighbor dog’s. The low growl in his throat. More like a gulp. He He! Not even a moment to look real. He just gets scared when they jump around. Lo.When he was at the Animal Shelter, these little black puppies in his cage where jumping all over him and he tried hard to grawl from his inside throat. I thought what a good dog he is not even hurting those puppies. He is just sitting there doing nothing. Then I walked on. Walter found another red-headed short-haired small dog, but a Dachshund breed. He was already adopted. We went through 3 doors of rooms with cages. I found what I was looking for. I went back to Giorgio’s cage. Lol. He is a good dog. Our dog years ago,” RO “he didn’t bark when we first got him. But we barked at him and kept it up till he started barking then we did it as a natural with RO> LOL. Giorgio will get there. I keep barking at him and he shakes his head! Like: what are you doing lady? He has a deformed tail almost like someone ran it over. He was already checked out by the vet at the animal shelter. But we are fixing to take him to another vet. He was watching me strip the bed linens off the bed, so I could wash them. “Like: come on! Get the job done! So you can take me outside. Lo. He follows me everywhere.