I loved my mom and still do. I loved my dad too. But all the good stuff they did I remember the most. All the bad stuff with my dad. I forgave him a long time ago now. I have mostly good memories of times at the beach. Salisbury State Park in New Hampshire. Canobie Lake, going to our Aunt’s and Uncle’s houses. All that stuff just does not disappear over night. I remember the good so I can cherish these moments.

When I go to a store looking for clothes, I automatically look for plaid clothes. Why? You say: because our mom always made us plaid dresses for school. I never realized how I always looked for that type of material in my clothes; till I asked a lady at Kohl’s a couple of months ago if she had any plaid dress’es or suits. He He! I was like thinking strongly. I never realized how, that memories has impacted me.

One day I took my mom to her physician office visit.  When she was finished, I went and retrieved the 1976 LTD. I parked in front of the doctor’s office. Got out and went to help her in the passenger seat. She is standing there staring at me, pointing to the ground. I was like; What? She said you are not supposed to walk over a safety-pin without picking it up. It’s good luck to pick it up.  He He! Thought I did something wrong. Anyways I picked the pin-up. Helped mom in the LTD. Then took the safety-pin and pulled my visor up, stuck the pin to the ceiling of the car. That Safety pin held that visor even  after I got rid of the LTD. He He! She was right! Not good luck, but a blessing. I don’t know how many times I have told this memory. I have so many good memories with my mom. She was a giving angel to everyone. She didn’t deserve any bad in her life. But, bad is going to happen. I say not her! I loved my mom so much.

We went to church, sang in the choir. We would have pot-luck dinners Sunday nights. I remember the hot chocolate, we would have to pull the skin off the top. I would go around showing everyone, cause I thought it was cool. He He! We had some good old times. I remember walking to church every Sunday and picking up pig nuts. They was small but was like walnuts, just miniatures. Take them home and crack them open, so mom could make banana bread. We would get a ride home from church with Mr. Sargent an old man. I remember his wife at first. God gives and God takes people home.

I remember our first Pastor. He had white hair. He took a glass of milk and tipped it upside down and the milk didn’t fall out. I was so amazed. Don’t take much. He He! {Psalm 37:23-24 The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the LORD holds them by the hand.}

Memories that’s what children remember. They don’t remember all the mistakes parents made. Unless they are the kind of children that like to play games with others lives. But then again. Children learn what they are taught. Everyone has to live and learn. Or have many regrets in their future, I don’t have no regrets. I love life. I believe in the Lord Jesus and all the healing He has done in my life. I don’t deserve. God is so good and life is what you make it. So if you don’t remember anything I say! Remember this: You are treasured and loved, and no matter what you do.  Remember God will forgive you as long as you keep growing right. A fresh start in the right direction never hurt anyone.  So make the decision to change your situation for the better. Peace and love with Christ.

Roland Elmer Bishop         June 13, 1936 – December 23, 1988

Patricia Frances Bishop     December 30, 1941 – June 1, 2002

{Married January 23, 1960}

{Marriage is a gift from God}