Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” John 8:12

“You say You don’t want to go to church because someone their snubbed you, was mean to you or you didn’t like what the preacher said. Hmmm! Then you was going to church for all the wrong reasons. FYI: The church is there to walk in God’s light, be saved from ourselves and sins.. Some people or something you don’t like. There is other church’s. Don’t give up! Sit it out watch God work in there lives and yours. Just saying.

A. It is an act of obedience to God and it honors the Lord’s Day. Remember the Sabbath  day, to keep it holy (Ex 20:8). Get up! Journal, pray and spend time with the Lord. He is Your best friend.
B. We need to belong to a community of faith that includes our brothers and sisters in Christ who are trying to live out the gospel just like we are. Amen.
C. We will benefit from being taught and led in worship by others, rather than always depending on ourselves to read and study the bible. But learning we can do it ourselves, but never go it alone without good people.
D. We need regular reminders of our standing in Christ, help in acknowledging and confessing our sins, and teaching about God’s truth.
E. We need help in praying, faith tithing and fasting.
F. We need help to face the issues, stress’, hangups and difficulties’ of life and faith as presented through the teachings of the Bible.
G. We need to hear how believers in the past struggled, grew and lived out their faith from different avenues of perspectives.
H. We need to hear about the experiences of other contemporary believers and their end outcome of their situation or situations.
I. We need to hear reminders of God’s unconditional love and how He treasures us. God bless’ and heals. God don’t punish. Wrong choices cause punishment on self.
J. We need an alternative to the constant messages of a culture that ignores and tries to tear God up like He don’t exist.
K. We need to experience positive, artistic, creative and talented expressions of the faith, such as music, praying, fasting and faith tithing. A church that don’t faith tithe. Can not build, cause you have to pay for the land you teach and preach. You can’t live in your home without paying rent, utilities, food etc. This is how a church grows with a unity of volunteers serving. Don’t know about you, but when I see students or just someone new come to church and see their talents just burst out loud and praising God. I am like: Wow! Just seeing them grow spiritually and being new in Christ! Like!  God is definitely  so good.
L. We believers need help to reflect on the past week and see it as a small part of the journey of life. Also see where we have been and where we are really going.
M. We need a conscious break from work, family problems, and self interests in order to concentrate on the Lord. An learn through the moments how to keep our eyes and mind focused on His goodness. Be all He has called us to be in serving and being in a right state for the rest of our lives. That is eternity.