What was Paul’s prayer for the saints?
Paul wanted them to know that the fruit of righteousness is produced in every believing Christian through the Holy Spirit. Paul prayed that their love would flourish in knowledge, understanding and cultivation: that they would be able to acknowledge and approve the things that are excellent; that they would be pure and be blameless unto the day of Christ Jesus our Lord. That they would be filled with the fruit of obedience through Jesus Christ. This righteousness will bring praise and glory to God the Father. Christians don’t always show in our conduct the new nature that is born within us. It is why Paul prayed for all the saints and elders in Philippi. A baby tree does not bear fruit the day it is planted. It takes time, watering and care. When we have been a Christian for some time, the new creation is being formed in us to control the way we act, speak and think. Others will notice the difference in us. When others see our good deeds, they will glorify our Father in Heaven. As Christians being obedient, we are of Christ, are in Christ and He is always with us.

Philippians 1:9, NIV: And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight,