For I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance. 

Philippians 1:19 NIV

How did Paul view physical death?

Every cross carrying disciple physical death is gain. It is only the unsaved person or the fleshly Christian that clings to life in the world. True Christian endures with patience the trials and tribulations that come upon him or her in the world, so they may obtain a better resurrection and overcome. They look forward to physical death to see Christ or wait on His return. Big release from the pain of his own rented area “Acts 28:30” Paul had been moved to closer custody in the barracks of the praetorian bodyguard that was attached to the palace of Nero. This was not a pleasant area for the apostle Paul. All Paul heard and saw throughout the day was the crude behavior of the Roman soldiers. Also, Paul’s life was in constant danger because of the increasing wickedness and intrigue in Nero’s court. At one time In Paul’s life, He was caught up in a 3rd Heaven, up into paradise. Now he was living in the midst of military men. There was a lot of profanity, filthy behavior and cruelty. A person of prayer and holiness such surroundings would be a cross to bear, especially someone raised in the faith. Paul had the longing to leave that environment. The spirit realm is a place of delight, longing, joy and blessings of eternity all for a taste of Heaven. No more longing or a life and a venture into joy and glory that can notice at the present time. Joy is a choice Paul made. Paul’s supporters on the other hand were motivated by genuine affection for Paul and preached from their love for him. They knew that Paul’s imprisonment was fulfilling God’s purpose for him at that time while furthering the gospel.