Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Hybrids (Orange)

Originally from Africa and Asia, these tender succulents of the stonecrop family are good subjects for indoor planting. Christmas-tree (K. laciniata ), a particularly fragrant species, will produce light rose or pink flowers at Christmas time if it’s seed is sown in spring. Tom Thumb (K. Blossfeldiana ) will also bloom at Christmas if given 13 hours of darkness a day Starting in September. It is a dwarf species with waxy, toothed leaves and clusters of vivid red flowers. Other species of kalanchoe produce yellow, orange, scarlet, and purple flowers. Many are noted for the formation of plantlets on the leaf margins.
Kalanchoes require a well-drained soil that should be allowed to dry between watering’s. They should also be given a sunny southern or eastern exposure. Propagation is by seed, leaf plantlet or cuttings air dried for 24 hours prior to rooting.
Interesting species suitable for potting culture include ( K. Daigremontiana), Which has brown green, tricornered arching leaves with many plantlets at the serrated leaf margins; the air plant or flopper ( K. pinnata) whose leaf plantlets root in moist air; and panda plant ( K. tomentosa) with white and brown fuzzy leaves.